Emile Bison - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   He may not look it , but Emile is a 10th degree black belt , not in Karate , but traditional Japanese Sumo Wrestling ! Known all over the Orient as "Slippery Dickery Doc" (his middle name is Richard) Emile draws huge crowds wherever his plane touches down . In Emile's case , the secret of success is the extremely rare super-slippery sweat which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get hold of him for very long . That and his incredible agility and lightning speed , which he utilizes by actually standing on his opponent's head , while they quickly tire themselves out trying to grab his super-slippery ankles . "Millwrighting is an awesome way for me to keep in shape , and also keep my sweat glands going at a nice healthy pace " , says Doc . Emile's next Sumo bout will be broadcast live on ESPN this coming March 23 . Go get 'em Emile , we'll be rooting for you !

Note - Biography not submitted for Emile Bison