Ray Sibbett - Local 1007 Niagara Falls

History tells us that Peru boycotted the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin , but the fact is Peru began to compete and then pulled out . However , this did not stop Ray from staying and competing in the high jump event , against his country's wishes .

"I had been training far too long to just up and quit", Ray repeats "and I was going to compete , Nazi's or no Nazi's" . Compete he did , but did he win a medal? "No , I came in 4th . I did clear the bar by 3 inches in my final attempt , and still the bar fell to the ground" .

Are you suggesting the fix was in ? "yep", says Ray "those damn Nazi's had it in for me" . "They must have been using some kind of secret weapon to knock the bar off , time after time" .

So , the look back is kind of bitter ? "Oh no" , retorts Ray "when the word got out in the Olympic village that I refused to leave , Georing dispatched his aides to escort me to the Chancellery for a special dinner with Adolf Hitler" .

Really ? "Yes" , says Ray "this giant half-track shows up belching diesel fumes and all suped-up , with chrome fenders and mag wheels up front" . No way ! "oh yes" , he goes on "the dinner was awesome and Eva and the Fuhrer were very hospitable" .

Weren't you scared ? "At first I was" he reflects "with him being a lunatic dictator and a mass murderer and all that" . I would think so Ray . "Hitler turned out to actually be a pretty nice guy once you got to know him a little" , Ray reminisces "we had several nice talks by the evening fire"

Hmmm , good thing you didn't win one of his medals , I think . "No" , Ray corrects me, "a Polish guy won the Bronze and I think if I asked 'Uncle' Hitler to look into my defeat , I might have come home with a medal , but the Polish guy might not have made it back on the bus" .

Good for you Ray . That's real International Sportsmanship at it's very best !

Note - Biography not submitted for Ray Sibbett