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    "It's all about teamwork" . True , and in this workspace there are many , many teams , with each department representing an alignment of team members , each and all concerned with , not only their particular department's goals , but also of their connecting departments . Millwrights are aware of what the pipe Fitters and Carpenters tasks are , and the O.P.G. Project Planning Department is also very aware of exactly which and what kinds of manpowers plus specialized resources will be required to complete the present allocation 'On Schedule' and  Accident-Free !

Ed Juhasz - 1007 Millwright (Kvaerner)

Barry Boyd - 1007 Millwright (Hydro)
Steve Rudling - 1007 Millwright (Kvaerner)

Mike Lenson - 837 Labourer Extraordinaire

    Takes many contracting companies as well to perform the elaborate scope of work assigned to the Construction division . However , professionals understand teamwork is key to getting things done , with each contracting company eagerly assisting one another when required or requested . Pro's like Supervisor Ed Juhasz  of Kvaerner (above) and Sandy Buchanan of Aecon work side-by-side with so called 'competitors' to ensure a quick response to specific needs . Unbelievers may balk at this concept of working together , but at the N.G.S. facility it is a tried and trusted methodology . All 'outside' contractors working together in an effort to ensure smooth task completion is another essential ingredient of a successful downturn or expansion project .

Working Together to make it Happen

Willy and Wulf Invert an Outer Casing

    Above we see Hydro Rigger Wulf Muller  and Local 1007 Construction Millwright Willy Anderson making a very tricky 'lift' . This 25 ton turbine outer casing must be inverted (flipped) ... in mid-air ! , no less. This operation is very typical of the type of tasks that require the overhead crane Operator's very steady hand, and Riggers with confidence, all working together, focused on smooth and safe completions .

   Teamwork extends within a Contracting company , such as Siemens-Canada for example , and has much more depth than what may meet the casual eye . On-site personnel quite often come and go from project to project , administering many sets of individual employee needs , and also doing overlapping tasks in an effort to help out fellow support staff .

    Clockwise from top-left  -  Ray Gallagher Siemens' very personable technical expert . Ursula Palokoski  our 'Jill of all trades' secretary .  John Kwartz  Siemens' knowledgeable Health and Safety coordinator .  Paul Lindoff  the Technical Supervisor finally slows down long enough for me to capture him on high speed film . . .

   Nathan Chang  , Siemens's Project G.F. along with Mechanical Engineer (in training) , Jason Strinich , enjoy a quick lunch break in the portable office trailer . I have to say this was the busiest , most crowded office trailer I've ever seen anywhere . So much activity , so many Project personnel coming and going ... yet somehow everyone managed to get through their daily duties and tasks , juggling chairs , computer time and the microwave oven . The portable office trailer is the heartbeat of the construction project where decisions are made and options weighed . Office chemistry is just as important as the work area chemistry . As the gears in here mesh smoothly , so goes the project at hand ...

1007 President Dave Wheeler
Legendary Dave (Moon) Mullens

   Above are Local 1007 Millwrights Dave Wheeler and 'soon to retire' Dave Mullens . Interesting to myself is a recollection of Dave Mullens teaching me advanced layout when I was apprenticing , and then my later partnering with Dave Wheeler when he was beginning his apprenticeship , and being able to pass on that layout skill . Both these individuals struck me as 'Born to Millwright' types , in my humble estimation . Old saying ; "two types of people in this world , those that leave their mark & those that leave a stain" . Levity of course , however , these fellow Tradesmen have most definitely left their mark on this ever changing landscape .


   The Christmas and New Year Season is a time of family and relaxation for most of us lucky enough to enjoy it with a little well deserved time off. It's also a time to reflect back on, good times and tribulations too, and respectfully upon fellow Brothers, fellow comrades we've worked many hours with, those who have passed, and those who are no longer able to join us in celebration.

   All will of course remember the passing of Brother Ronald 'Ron' Husak tragically this spring, and not just within Local 1007 jurisdiction but Province-Wide as well of course.

   Let us try to remember the very & most commendable job that Ron did on our Local 1007 Executive Council, ... as a Provincial, Regional Delegate, ... and perhaps most significantly, the many battles, trials and tribulations Ron handled so well and so often, as an 'in field' project Union Stewart. Most very sadly missed this holiday season, by all. Our hearts and best wishes go out to Ron's wife Louise and children Jillian, Brett & Brock, as well as Ron's many, many friends and family members.

Dearest Departed Brother  Ronald "RON" Husak 

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