Brian Grant - Local 1916 Hamilton Construction Millwrights

   The only Canadian Medic to sign up for back-to-back tours of duty in Vietnam ! Brian saw action from Saigon to Hanoi and patched up more than his share of American ... horses !!! Seems the soldiers he tried to patch up refused his help , time and time again , until Brian was moved from unit to unit to unit , eventually landing an assignment at a 5 Star General's country club on the outskirts of Da Nang . Brian's job was to treat the Polo Pony's nicks and cuts , and to educate the in-country village women on how to make delicious cheeseburgers and chili dogs . Needless to say , people still leap at the chance to "Barbecue with Brian" at the various Millwright social events . Att'a boy Brian , I'll take mine medium-rare , please !

Note - Biography not submitted for Brian Grant