Dawn Hannah - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   Dawn drove tour bus for 'ZZ Top' for a full year before she realized that , as fun and interesting as it was , it was just not the kind of challenge she was looking for . Hitchhiking back home from Buluxy in a warm summer drizzle proved to be the best thing she ever did . Helping Dawn home was none other than Ronald Reagan's personal astrologer , Cynthia Von Hoppencropper , who not only gave Dawn a ride to Cincinnati , but also informed her that she was destined to be a Millwright . Even more amazing was that Dawn would forget that revelation (simply because she didn't know what a Millwright was) until the eventual love of her life rescued her from a burning building one fiery Sunday in May/2003 . His occupation ? You guessed it ... Millwright !!!

Note - Biography not submitted for Dawn Hannah