Doug Radtke - Local 793 International Union of Operating Engineers

   Doug's a marathon runner and has actually progressed the sport by inventing an offshoot of it . The goal in the races Doug and his competitors face , is to run a complete marathon which ends on a customised rifle range . Each runner must then aim and fire a high powered rifle at a target 2 miles away , then run to the target , find their actual bullet , and return to the rifle range , where the bullet is then scrutinized for it's authenticity . Needless to say , it all hinges on a keen eye and a steady hand , for many a proficient runner have had hopes dashed upon the fading evening light , their elusive projectiles never to be found ...

   Doug and spouse Amanda hail from that great old town of Waterloo , Ontario . Doug is no newcomer to this game , with time served previous to Aecon and BFC with none other than Nichols - Radtke , very well know to anyone who had the opportunity to do some heavy duty lifting or moving in this area . N-R was the premiere heavy machine moving outfit in this part of the country , hands down . When other outfits were still attempting big lifts with large tow motors , N-R had powerful 'Boom Lifters' completely in a league all their own . Not so many years ago Southern Ontario was a booming industrial center , with Nicholls - Radtke doing much of the truly hard core machine moving that other companies would often shy away from .

  Doug is also a 'many hats' kind of guy who probably should have been a Millwright , considering how skilled he is with his hands (his woodworking and metalworking skills are of the professional level) . Stop and say hello and it quickly becomes apparent that Doug is also a people person , although his laid back personality may not reveal just how much energy this guy really has to offer . Tropical fish , miniature dachshund 'Winnie' , Chocolate Lab 'Charlie' and cats 'Newton' &'Pumpkin' all add up to what must be a pretty busy , happy home .

   Saved the best for last ... Amanda and Doug are awaiting the arrival of their first child , due this April/2006 ! (Amanda felt the baby kick for the very first time this week)

   Cheers Doug (and Amanda) , and thanks to Aecon for giving us the best 'Hoister' they have on their payroll , Doug Radtke .